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Whether you are in banking, insurance, manufacturing, tech, retail, communications, healthcare or another industry – we can help you to discover deeper insights into your data, make predictions or generate smart recommendations.

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Take advantage of hidden information in the data.

Let us to be your partner in the new era, driven by big data and artificial intelligence.

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Customer Analytics

Find out who your customers are, what they will be doing, what they would like, and how and when to reach them, so that you can create personalized experiences that win more business and drive loyalty.


Predict churn, customer lifetime value and next best actions or develop an optimal new product.

Fraud Detection

Traditional fraud detection is rule-based only. Using machine learning techniques you can be much more accurate, consistent and super fast when it comes to fraud detection.


Detect fraudulent behavior of your customers or employees and protect your company from avoidable costs.

Multimedia Analytics

We live in an abundance of data. With Internet of Things, the amount of data in various forms, such as text, images, audio, video and sensor signals is even more rapidly expanding.


Use them wisely – let us analyze unstructured data and bring value to your business.

Some of our successful past projects

Please see some of the topics we have already covered in various industries
Health Insurance

Find out what are the typical sequences of health services use. Predict the development of diagnoses for individual patients and help to develop a new optimized insurance product.


Predict churn probability for individual existing customers. Switching banks has never been easier, that’s why churn prediction is very important in the banking industry.


Discover customer groups based on their behavior (frequency of visits, average amount spent, products bought etc.) and help the retailer to develop a more efficient system of offers and communication with the customers.


Predict development of air pollution and traffic density for individual city segments/roads based on traffic, black carbon air pollution (PM) and weather data. Enable city authorities to prevent excessive air pollution concentrations with proactive traffic management.

Insurance Fraud

Improve the process of fraudulent claims detection: increase the number of detected fraudulent cases, introduce a continuous process of introducing new controls and auditing existing controls, automate the discovery process.


Discover individual consumption profiles of mobile network users (calls, SMS, data transfer) and predict the damage of network cell outages to their customer experience. Help the mobile network operator to build a better customer service.

Our Approach

It is not just about modeling, machine learning, and other fancy stuff. Well-prepared data, feature selection, extraction, and other steps in the process are crucial for a successful analytical project.

You are the experts in your field, you know the business. Together with you, we will define business objectives. We’ll take care of all other tasks.

We will deliver not only the final model, but all the details of the decisions made in the model design.

1. Understand

Define business goals

2. Gather

Collect all relevant data into one place

3. Cleanse

Missing values, anomalies etc.

4. Explore

Analyze collected data

5. Extract

Extract significant features, construct new ones

6. Model

Predictive / descriptive modeling

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