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Our Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Manufacturing

Want to know more about your production performance, but you don't have any relevant data yet? Try our solutions for real-time data acquisition, monitoring, manufacturing analytics (ISO 22400) and management.


Our manufacturing analytics software platform provides real-time shop-floor information which enables immediate corrective actions as well as in-depth analytics of historical activity.


Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), worker efficiency rate, mean time between failure, quality ratio – these are only four out of more than 20 KPIs that you can track in real time.


The data acquisition is implemented in a flexible enterprise grade data integration layer from the lowest sensor level to an ERP system to build a complete view on the shop-floor activity.


Cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service, open-source technology –  completely common principles already, which thoroughly changed digital transformation processes in the last decade.


Now the so-called paradigm shift happens in the manufacturing industry – EaaS is a business model that involves subscription selling manufacturing equipment utilization instead of selling the equipment.


Our EaaS platform provides a complete management of remote machines to support secure stream of machine and environment data, analytics of activity and usage.

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