Analitica IFRS 17 Suite

A full scope IFRS 17 calculation and accounting engine

Analitica IFRS 17 Suite is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution that automates the critical functions of input data governance, calculations of IFRS 17 measures for all three valuation approaches (BBA, PAA, VFA) and accounting to support compliance with IFRS 17 requirements for insurance and reinsurance companies.


A full scope IFRS 17 calculation and accounting engine

The user workflow is fully automated and transparent, and it enables actuaries and finance departments to focus on their business missions of analyzing the results of each step of a calculation sequence and managing and reporting financial figures. Furthermore, it is a perfect add-on to existing insurance/ERP systems; the Suite requires contracts’ data, actual cash flows, and actuarial cash flow projections originating within existing systems as input data and provides postings to a general ledger as output data.

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Integrated Input Data Validator and Editor

Browse and edit, validation

Calculation Engine


Accounting Engine

Postings generator, reversal support

Simulation Engine

Aggregation, amortization patterns, ...


Tabular and graphical output, excel export


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