Simulations and

Prepare your company for all possible scenarios.
Make a digital model, simulate and optimize performance.
On the way to the complete virtualization of your environment.

Digital Twin

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    Overview of the System

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    What-if Simulations

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It is expected that DIGITAL TWINS will become a standard feature of IoT applications by 2025. They address almost all questions.

Do you want to foresee operational problems
and to optimise your operations?

Regardless the industry – simulations and optimizations are necessary to improve efficiency.
We can be your partner on the road to the complete digitalization of your system.

Power Grid

Integration of renewable energy systems, distributed generation, smart metering and control – modern power grids are increasingly complex.


N-1 analysis, simulation of new generating units and increased consumption – these are just some of the urgent capabilities that each power grid system should have.

Logistics System

Simulation and optimization are well-established planning ideas in logistics, but their actual application is stil a challenge, especially in SMEs.


A lot of managers stil use spreadsheets for logistic monitoring, simulations and optimization. With increasing quantity of data, this can be very time and cost consuming.


We can help you to develop a more advanced logistics system with implementing algebraic-based modeling software, which is hyper-scalable, it is based on complex rules and mathematical optimization techniques and incorporates all necessary constraints (deadlines, cost, quantity, etc.)

Manufacturing Processes

Incorporating advanced process optimization methods can help manufacturers to increase manufacturing throughput and productivity, reduce changeover time and overall cost and also to improve quality.


Powerful simulation engine enables faster decision making and robust change management.

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