Custom Solutions for
Automated Quality Control

Automate your quality control process, predict failures and improve effectiveness

We can design a complete computer vision solution for automated quality control using advanced photonics techniques.

With our extensive knowledge of optics, data/image analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, you just tell us what your requirements are, and we will do the rest.

We offer full support for the development cycle. From a feasibility study and a proof of concept before the implementation to long-term support for changing requirements of the production environment.

Once the concept is validated, we can deliver a complete automated system including product manipulation and integrate it into the existing production line (in collaboration with our machine-building partners).

Precise Dimensions Measurement

Precise dimensions measurement is a common requirement in manufacturing quality control.


The traditional approach with touch probes poses significant limitations to a process throughput and sample object manipulation and is therefore being replaced with optical measurements where possible.


We develop custom opto-electronics solutions for dimension measurements in the range of micrometres.

Detection of Defects

Failure patterns, mechanical surface defects and other anomalies – a human based quality inspection is often subjective and inconsistent.


We help manufacturers to implement advanced quality control mechanisms to comply with the quality standards required by clients or regulators.


Using advanced photonics techniques, we develop configurable machine vision systems for defects detection, evaluation and classificationobjective and consistent each time!

Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging combines visual information with the spectra of the reflected or transmitted light in each image point (pixel). Information can thus go beyond the human visual spectrum, which can add information about the bio-chemical characteristics of the object through its spectral signature.


We can detect:

  • surface contamination (oils, detergents, etc.)
  • surface inclusions (oxides, etc.)
  • substance characterization
  • counterfeit substances

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Predictive Maintenance and Quality

Identify the failures, analyze the history of machines and design predictive models in order to improve quality and overall effectiveness

How to plan maintenance at the most cost-efficient moment? Digitalization and collecting more and more data everywhere enable manufacturers to be smarter.

We can help you to understand your data, to analyze failure modes and make failure predictions before an unexpected breakdown occurs.

You don’t have appropriate data acquisition and storage system? Read more about our IndustrialSpyder solution.

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