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Digital Hub for Power Distribution Grid

Electricity is a powerful thing, but it is necessary that the supply of electricity in the grid corresponds with actual consumption needs. Due to the new trends in the power industry such as the electrification of heating, transport and the transition to renewable energy sources, there are several challenges power grid operators and distributors need to face. As the key network variables (currents, voltages, power, power angles) are becoming more and more volatile/oscillating, this significantly affects the operation and efficiency of existing distribution networks and related processes and services.

The digital transformation of electricity power distribution represents the only possible way.

Within the project the following business functions will be digitalized:

  • advanced topology generation model using impedance parameters,
  • assessment of a nodal hosting capacity,
  • simulation of the connection of new consumers or new power sources,
  • issuance of the consent for the connection of a new household,
  • issuance of the consent for the connection of a photovoltaic power source,
  • regulatory reporting of losses in the grid,
  • versioned CIM repository.
Data Collaboration

We will integrate data from various sources into one unified platform. Only combined data structure provides comprehensive insight into all segments of a power grid.

Digital Twin of Electric Power Grid

We will create a digitalized model of the physical power grid, which will enable the distribution company to operate, plan and maintain their grid more efficiently. The focus will be on the observability of 3-phase power grid topology and related simulations.

Digitalization of Business Functions

Main goals of the project are to enable reliable and informative insight into the current state of the power grid and to perform various what-if simulations on it.

The project is co-financed by the European Union within the Recovery and Resilience Facility – NextGenerationEU (learn more at and

Project title: Digitalno Stičišče Elektro Distribucije (DSElektroDis)

Project coordinator: Elektro Primorska d.d.
Project partners: Analitica d.o.o., Grid Instruments d.o.o., Logix d.o.o.

Total cost of the operation: EUR 2,586,600.00; co-financing amount: EUR 1,450,320.00.

Research - Develop - Improve

Comprehensive Digital Transformation in the Glass Industry

The project CEDIT.SI (Comprehensive Digital Transformation in the Glass Industry) will support the vision, mission and goals set out in the Strategy for Digital Transformation of the Economy, as it will influence: the introduction of advanced technologies as part of the digital transformation; strengthening the ecosystem for a competitive economy and contributing to an open and sustainable society as a basis for the growth of the digital economy.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • development of a digital twin to optimize the operation of the glass furnace,
  • upgrade of the energy management system (EMS) with predictive models for the use of energy products and automatic detection of opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the modeled processes,
  • automation of bottle preform design,
  • introduction of machine learning models to determine the optimal combinations of products on the glass machine (IS) and parameterization of the IS,
  • digitization of product life cycle management (PLM) in the process of tool development and construction, introduction of the automatic production planning system (APS),
  • digitization and traceability of finished products (PLC).

The project is co-financed by the European Union within the Recovery and Resilience Facility – NextGenerationEU (learn more at and

Project title: CElovita DIgitalna Transformacija v Steklarski Industriji (CEDIT.SI)

Project coordinator: Hrastnik1860 – Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
Project partners: Analitica d.o.o., Logix d.o.o., iTS d.o.o., Mikrocop d.o.o., Solvera Lynx d.o.o., Comsensus d.o.o., MiTeam by Mediainteractive, Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o., Meta smart factory d.o.o.

Total cost of the operation: EUR 4,626,214.52; co-financing amount: EUR 2,199,589.04.

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